BPSC 56th-59th Mains General Studies PAPER II Questions

BPSC 56th-59th Mains General Studies PAPER II Questions

The figure in the margin indicate full margins.
Answer eight questions, selecting a least three each from section-I and section-II, and any two from section-III.
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as particable.
All questions have been printed boh in Hindi and English, In case of any ambiguity in Hindi version,the English version shall be considered authentic.
Parts of the same question must be answered together and must no be interposed between answers o other questions.
1. Discuss about the fundamental Rights as enshrined in the Indian Constitution. How has the judicial interpretations of Article 21 expanded the scope of Right to Life?

2. Examine he role of Caste in electoral politics of India.To what extent did case factor play a role in 2105 Bihar election?
3. Analyse tension areas Centre and states in the Indian federal system. Describe the current state of relations between Union Government and Bihar State.
4. What is judicial review? Critically examine about the doctrine of ‘basic structure’ as enunciated by the Supreme Court of India.
5. What is ‘demographic dividend’? Explain its impact on economic growth.
6. Describe ‘Agricultural marketing’ in India and write the defects in the ‘agricultural marketing system’. What measures have been taken by the Government of Bihar o improve the system of the marketing of agricultural products?
7. What is the relationship between ‘environmental protection’ and ‘sustainable development’? Write a short note on economic growth and environmental degradation in India.
8. What do you mean by regional development? How far regional planning has been successful in the economic development of Bihar? Discuss.
9. In comparison to other countries, India is well-endowed with freshwater resources. Critically examine why it still suffers from water scarcity. What role can he scientific management and technology play in overcoming has problem? Elucidate.
10. In order to fulfill the increasing energy demand in Bihar State, suggest the scientific initiatives that you would like to introduce.
11. Critically discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization in India. How can science and technology reduce negative effects? Explain.
12. The key issues for Modi Government in India are “cleaning of Ganga river, degraded natural resources and dwindling farmlands, and greater health risks.” Discuss scientific initiatives for these problems that you would like to apply.

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