II. 6.1.1 Bio-genetic variability

I. H N Risley

  1. Dravidian

Long head, broad nose, depressed nasal root, dark eyes, dark complexion, short statute, curly hair

Ex. Santhal, Bhil , Gond, Paniyan, tribes of south india and southern MP

  1. Mongoloid

Tribes of Himalayan region and NE region

II. B.S. Guha

  1. Negrito

Small head, short stature, wooly hair, bulbous forehead, smooth supraorbital ridge

Ex. Kadar, Pulayan, Irular

  1. Proto-Australoids

Dolichocephalic head, platyrhine nose, wavy or curly hair, prominent supraorbital ridge

Ex. Pulayan women, Ural, Baiga, Maler, Chenchu, Kannikar, Bhil, Santhal, Oraon

  1. Mongoloids
    1. The paleo-mongoloid
      1. lond-headed type- long head, short and flat face, faintly developed supraorbital ridge Ex. Tribes of Assam – the sema nagas
      2. broad- headed type- broad head, round face, dark skin color, medium nose, marked epicanthic fold- Ex. Lepchas, Chakmas, Maghs
    2. Tibeto-mongoloid

Broad and massive head, long and flat face, tall stature, light brown skin color

Ex. Tibetans od Sikkim


III. S.S Sarkar

  1. Australoids– Urali, Kannikar, Kadar, Pamiyan
  2. Mundari- speakers– Tribes of Jharkhand, Orissa, MP, Chattisgarh
  3. Far-eastern– Tribes of Tuticorin Tinnelvelly
  4. Mongolian– Tribes of NE and Himalayan foot-hills

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