I. 1.4 Human Evolution and emergence of Man

Human Evolution and emergence of Man

1.4 human evolution

Holocene Upper paleolithic 40,000-10.000BC Homo sapience Cromagnon (European)








Negroid (Grimaldi)   Eskimo(Chanceladae)
  Neanderthal Progressive (Mt. Carmel  
Middle Paleolithic 1,00,000-40,000BC Neanderthal Rhodesiannensis   Neanderthal classical (La Chapelle Aux)
  Homo erectus Pekinensis  
Homo erectus


  Homo erectus Narmadanensis

Homo erectus Javanicus

Lower Paleolithic 3M to 1,00,000 BC   Homo habilis  
Au. afarensis   Paranthopus boisei
Paranthopus robustus
Pliocene   7 and 3 million years ago                            Australopithacus afrensis
Miocene   22-7 million years ago D. Major , Gorilla   D. Africanus , Chimapangi D. Sivalensis, Orangutan



Paleocene     Preconsul, monkey  

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